July 08, 2014
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Dr. David & Dr. Henry Brown attended the Ramfjord Symposium in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 6th & 7th, 2014.

Speakers were from Switzerland, Sweden, New York, North Carolina, and Colorado & Italy. The symposium covered topics on Periodontal Disease treatment, several topics on implants, recent research on regeneration of bone & tissue, esthetic enhancement of soft tissue around natural teeth & implants, & laser treatment of periodontal disease.

The presenters were some of the best in the world.

We are committed to continuing education.

Other meetings that the Doctors attended this year include:


 South West District Dental Society Meetings

                        Marketing, Websites & Social Media

Health Insurance & Health Insurance Reforms Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare


            Russell W. Bunting Periodontal Society

                        Tissue Engineering, Guided Surgery & Lasers

Connections between Periodontal Health & Systemic Well Being   

            Vedder Society

Sleep Prosthodontics: A Biological Approach to Occlusion, Wear & TMD 

            Academy of General Dentistry

                        Infection Prevention & Control in the Dental Office

                                    Presented by Dr. John Molinari

            Michigan Dental Association

                        Practical Pharmacology for the Dentist

                        Management of Common Medical Emergencies in the

                        Dental Office




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